Unable to get your life together. You are the conductor to your constant drama and bullsh*t.
Char: "What's wrong with Tiffani today?"
Sierra: "Psh, I don't know, but I am definitely not jumping on that hot mess express."
by Inyra June 01, 2017
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...a group of sexy, hard-drinking bitches that hit the streets to cause chaos and partake in debauchery.
C'mon ladies, it Tuesday! All aboard the Hot Mess Express!
by Delilah Foxx November 10, 2009
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defining a set or sets of women that have nothing going for them...the leader of a group that has no restriction to what she wears or how she carries herself...
"Seriously, did you see Lisa Hopper...such a hot mess express..."
by Hlove.B.I.C September 20, 2009
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An individual who lacks self-awareness and is possibly suffering from a mental illness. Person may appear unkempt to others but is too delusional to see that in the mirror. Said person will often spout off on topics of which they aren’t well informed and often makes statements that are not based on fact. Given to espousing conspiracy theories. Easily drawn into cults. These people rarely contribute to society in a productive manner. See Majorie Taylor Greene for the epitome of this definition.
by Anonymous Contributor May 04, 2021
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