A infamous song sang by the group S.M. THE BALLAD. The group consist of Jino, Jonghyun, Jay & Kyuhyun. This song is the reason for many pregnancies among fan-girls. This song is so sensual and sexual, it oozes wih "make love to a hot Asian guy" when it is sung.
Girl: Did you hear Hot times?!?!
by devourmyseoul November 29, 2010
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Ultra cool with a spark. You want to say "that works, man!!" you go! way to go!

Must be used with an exclamation point; Almost always used as an exclamation.
"That is so hot times!"
(someone just told you they got a promotion, a date with some they like, or succeeded in something special to them.
by Pamela Hawley September 21, 2005
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When you're at a bonfire with the boys and get drunk as fuck then start to brand each other with a fire poker. Contrary to popular belief this word has nothing to do with gay butt sex.
I had steamy hot guy time two weeks ago, my ass still burns.
by Frosty Dice July 13, 2021
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When one is playing video games and they claim they are getting offline to take a shower and they do not return online for 5 or more days.
"I'll be right back guys gonna go take a hot shower time machine"
"Okay see you next week man"
by Tkroll24 May 15, 2016
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When you fuck a girl while drunk, wake up and whish you hadn't. then next you see her, you get drunk again, and fuck her again. and still wish you hadn't
when we got to chilli's, biegel stayed away from reba, but after four beers he did a hot tub time machine and took her home.
by cusacker November 14, 2009
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When you are in anal sex you use no lube not spit and no pulling out. Must choke the female until her head appears as if it is an airhead. She must have poopy diarrhea and diarrhea is the only lubricant used during hot poopy time. Cheeks must be beaten red like a hot tomato. You cum in her but and have her shoot her feces and cum into your mouth.
Nick just had some hot poppy time with Margot
by Albert Fucking Einstein June 15, 2019
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