The absolute best and worst type of girl. She will be extremely attractive, cock loving, irresistible and easy to get in bed with.

These girls are sexy and fun, but not meant for dating. Once dating a hot slut, you will be subject to cheating, lying and heart break as she continues to love the cocks of other men.

Hot sluts are for fucking, not loving.
Jon met Ashley at a pool party. Jon was distracted by her hot body and fantastic blow job. Jon committed suicide several months later as Ashley blew 5 of his friends. Ashley was a hot slut.
by brinchy December 13, 2014
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A premiscouis married woman who has sexual relations with other men outside the bonds of matrimony

with her husband's approval. Usually while the husband watches or joins when he's present.
Christine is a hot slut wife, not only does she look great,but she loves to screw other men with and without her husband with her. That doesn't that make her so terrible

Hotwife slut shared wife cuckold
by fathed420 October 18, 2015
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1. a girl who has a look that is so hot in a very promiscous way and is nowhere close to being innocent. (not to be confused with skanks or ho's or dirty of any sort) 2. a hot girl who would definitely know how to give good head for good reason. (practice builds skill.) 3. a female who guys want to be in and out as hard and fast as possible. 4. Girls who got that look in their eye that just want to be...
"Yo man that girl over there has got a face thats slut hot."

"Just by the way she was lookin at me, she was definitely slut hot."
by Johnney Juice August 24, 2006
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