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n. When you eat a food that feels great when you're eating it but five minutes later it makes you very tired and bloated. Derived from the title food, Hot Pockets, which are famous for being disgusting and delicious at the same time but ultimately causing a nap to ensue a few minutes after its consumption. Examples include Hot Pockets, Lucky Charms and McDonalds.
I shouldn't have had so many Lucky Charms, man. I'm feeling the Hot Pocket Effect.
by blafinigan4 August 25, 2010
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Destruction of one's lungs when braught to a low pressure from a high pressure with in seconds. This can be performed in a hyperbaric chamber by urgently venting the oxygen in the chamber. Maximum effect occurs when the person's airway is closed.
Faaawwwwwoooooooomm! ... "POP!" -Hot Pocket Effect-
by Angry Badger January 28, 2009
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