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An off-shoot of the gothic subculture. This sub-sub-culture group's musical tastes and clothing style center around the merchandise from the popular store Hot Topic. This group has little in common with goth-dom's more established sub groups such as the Rivetheads (industrial goths), Gravers (clubber/raver goths), Death Rockers (punk/goth hybrids), or the multitude of other groups. Usually younger, anywhere from 13 to 17. They tend to focus more on appearance and much less on the ethics of counter-culture, and often quickly move on to another trend. Hot Gothics can normally be found wandering in or hanging out at malls, almost always accompanied by 3 to 5 other Hot Gothics. Common musical tastes range from performers like Marilyn Manson and Insane Clown Posse to Lamb of God and KoRn.
"Please, think of the poor goth icons, spay or neuter your Hot Gothics today. Jack Skelington will thank you."
by Adam Stansbury February 21, 2006
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Used to desrcibe the store Hot Topic that many teenage posers shop at.
Check out those dorks over there. They look like Hot Gothic puked all over them.
by Matttt December 29, 2005
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