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A sexual technique in which the male partner lies on his back while the naked female partner 'rides' him, having placed his erect penis between her labia. Natural or artificial lubrication is essential during this activity, which stimulates the penis, which is covered by the labia, and the clitoris on each 'stroke', as the extent of movement and pressure is dictated by the female partner. The term was devised because of the resemblance of the penis and labia to a Hot Dog.

Exciting visually, and placing the female partner 'in command', the technique is useful if the female needs significant clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. It is also used if full intercourse has to be avoided for any reason. The sight of the eventual ejaculation, as the glans of the penis peeps out from its nestled position between the labia, and in close proximity to the clitoris, is a particularly erotic experience for both partners. 'With mayo' refers to the activity leading to ejaculation. 'No mayo' signifies an expectation that the technique will be used for foreplay only.
"Johnny, slow down, I've got an appointment with my Gynaecologist in the morning so I'm 'off games' tonight - you can have a hot dog with mayo or a blowjob".

"What a choice - I'll go for a hot dog with mayo please!!"
by Fiona BR August 01, 2017
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