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A Small, shitty little town on the outskirts of Bolton where the main attractions include a crappy leisure center and aldi. Beware of Station park in the middle of this arse heap, as this is where the local chavs hang out, give abuse to pensioners and be general dipshits. This isnt the only place for chavs however, as basically the whole of horwich are dickheads who will kick off with you for anything and everything, mainly because they want your shoes. The locals also partake in the act of "munging" in the local church yard.
Chav 1: Yesh mateeeee going down station park for a bit of mungingggg horwich styleeeeeee
Passer by 1: Holy fuck lets get out of this shit heap!
Passer by 2: What a chodey place
by FuCkmERoYaLLy October 19, 2010
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