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A hope dealer is when a male or female makes it seem as if they will do a act of sexual nature or make it seem as if they are talented at this act and talk a big game but when the time comes they do not perform to the standard the set up or they back out of it giving the victim of the hope dealer false hope.
Person 1"yo did keisha give you head like she said"
Person 2"yh bro she did but she told me she was amazing at it, to be honest it was sub par"

Person 1"ahhh that girl is a hope dealer bruv"
by Asanco August 28, 2019
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HopeDealers are people that go around Slingin’ HOPE in the name of JESUS. Specifically, in recovery groups. They testify, they meet, they greet, they support others in their outreach to communities. Every mode of transportation and every social media is used to get the word out to the broken-hearted in this world. JESUS is the way to full restoration. The Hope Dealers know they are not their past and God has done such a miracle through Jesus in them, they just can’t shut up about it.
A God Miracle was worked in their lives, where their mess, became HIS Message, the restoration in Jesus, placed the desire to be HOPE DEALERS in JESUS, to outreach and tell their testimony to the masses.
by HopedealerFoeva October 21, 2019
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