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1. An expression used when one is screwed out of a large amount of money due to economic struggle

2. An expression used when an economic struggle interferes with a person's ordinary life
1. "I was hoping for a big christmas bonus but Hoover damn it I only got another hundred bucks"

2. "Man, I can't go to the bar tonight, my paycheck was too low."
"Hoover damn, dude. Hoover damn."
by rcalebvines April 17, 2009
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To use clear tape to block fluids coming out of the vagina.
You have sex with you GF/wife (make sure she's freshly shaved), once complete go to bed. when she is sleeping get some clear tape. cover over her vagina making sure it is hardly visible and covers her holes. When she wakes up and trys to go to the bathroom her vagina will be hoover damned.
by DB9 GLIDER March 06, 2015
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