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An article of clothing used as an acessory to the modern day bowfisher to help them from sucking in bugs as they breathe. Most people who wear these bandana like pieces are better known as mouthbreathers and it is to be expected for them to group together and try to appear stronger than normal when provoked into "Defense" mode.
Little Tommy thought that he needed to wear a Hoorag to prevent bugs from entering his mouth while bowfishing. Once his daddy slapped him in the mouth and his lips swole shut, he soon realized that this was a silly marketing ploy to help some nobody try and be a somebody.
by O.G. May 22, 2014
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A close relative of hoorah, but not used in the same manner. While hoorah is an expression of one's joy, hoorag is an expression of one's stupidity and inability to comprehend such simple functions as spelling and typing.
Me: You are an idiot.
You: Hoorag!
by God May 13, 2003
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