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Hoopsnakes are dangerous snakes native to Australia. Commonly found in bushland and the outback, Hoopsnakes are NOT lethal, but are still dangerous when confronted. Although usually quite timid animals, Hoopsnakes have been known to chase down and attack animals and humans during their breeding period. If bitten by the Hoopsnake, headaches, vomiting, and temporary blindness and paralysis may occur.

What makes the Hoopsnake different from other snakes in the world is their ability to to roll, in a way much like a wheel or hula-hoop (hence the name, Hoopsnake). They bite onto their tail, which is very thick and callused, and use their strengthened spines to roll into a circular shape and roll around. Using this method, the Hoopsnake can reach up to 60km/h.

Although lots is known about the Hoopsnakes, they are not not very well known as they should be. They were never featured on any of Steve Irwin's television programs or his movies, which is quite disappointing. The Hoopsnake is a beautiful creature which deserves to be known throughout the world.
There is no definite breeding season with Hoopsnakes, as they breed year round. A female Hoopsnake will find a new mate every year. Couples only breed once a year, with the female laying around 10 to 15 eggs in a batch. On average, only 8 survive, due to the Hoopsnake being the main food source of eagles and hawks.

Hoopsnakes feed on small marsupials such as biblies, mice, rats and quolls. Baby hoopsnakes often eat crickets and other small insects. Hoopsnakes live around 8 years, and in their life time have been known to grow up to 1.5 metres long. They range from a light, olive green to a darker black in colour, depending on the age. This is why it is extremely difficult to identify the Hoopsnake, because the colours are so different.

Bazza: Mate! Saw a Hoopsnake the other day, almost hit it in me Holden - bloody beautiful creature!

Davo: Bloody oath!
by aussiebro June 01, 2011
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An australian snake that curls itself into a hoop so that it can chase after prey at high speeds by rolling. If stepped on, loop snakes will also chase after people at terrifying speeds. Deadly.
Help! Help! There's a hoop snake after me!
by Alex Mackay May 01, 2004
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A turd in your toilet thats shape resembles a hoop or a coiled up snake..Hoop Snake
Hoop Snake.I dropped a Hoop Snake so big it clogged up the toilet.
Crikey after I had anal sex with me Sheila Terri a Hoop snake the size of a billabong came out her ass.
by Hedgehog September 20, 2005
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To attempt to perform fellatio on ones self.
"Steve was too drunk to play guitar so the band told him they were not going to pay him unless he entertained the crowd. He went up and attempted to hoopsnake on the stage".
by Monkeyfuss July 10, 2012
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