The act of engaging in undesirable or unlawful activities such as stealing, smoking marijuana, and drinking forties on the street.
Let's get into some hoodrat shit on the way to the bar.

Dad: Where you going kid?

Son: Out with my friends.

Dad: You better not start wildin wit that hoodrat shit or I'll kick your ass.
by K Dolo June 18, 2010
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a phrase coined by Tyler The Creator in Tina.
Dr. TC: So, do you party?
Tyler: Nah, I just do ignorant hoodrat shit with me and my niggas in the fucking mall
by decoyape September 8, 2011
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The act of engaging in unlawful, uncivilized, uncultured or just straight up ghetto behavior. Commonly exhibited by inner city youth and popularized by hip hop artist Megan Thee Stallion hit song Hoodrat shit.
Abel: Yoo Matt, what we gonna do on shift for a whole 24hrs?

Matt: Man we gonna drive the Ambu Lance everywhere with the lights & sirens on. Post up on the block selling fetnyl and narcan out the drug box. Pull up on scene with a 5th of Vodka, you already know how we do.

Abel: Hell yeah. Straight hoodrat shit.

Matt: Damn right.
by EMS Lyfe October 17, 2023
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