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A cross between a "hoodrat" and a "redneck" in character or personality.
Damn, she/he is representin' both hoods...she/he is a "hoodneck"...
by Nina5150 July 04, 2010
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Redneck who thinks he/she is a "gangsta", or "down". White guys in big pick-up trucks blasting rap.
Jason just braided his mullet into corn-rows, what a hoodneck!
by SethB April 21, 2006
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Is a person or persons that is from the ghetto or the hood white black any race that likes to engage in redneck activities such as four wheeling dirt bike riding hunting Ect
Hoodneck here
by Harry Malone October 10, 2017
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The African American ghetto version of what a redneck is except ten times doper...
You them rims and paint job on that car dawg that's HoodNeck shit or

I. E. Anything that ghetto or black people do is HoodNeck so basically HoodNeck is a lifestyle just like redneck

Girls love them HoodNeck 's
by Sleaze-Game May 31, 2018
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