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The best SPORT ever played.

Consists of 4-8 people. There are 2 teams. Each person is responsible for his/her can and is placed on one side of the table.

1 beer per person
1 table
1 ping pong ball
LOTS of room

To decide turns: It's just whoever wants it more.

Goal: To finish your own beer.

On a person's turn: One person (on his/her turn) steps behind the table and has to throw a ping pong ball at a beer can/bottle. If the ball hits the beer, the person who threw the ball has to chug the beer as fast as possible. (The person drinking is able to move around as they chug.) This person keeps drinking the beer until the ball is retrieved and the person tags the can/bottle that was hit with the ball. Once the can/bottle is tagged, he/she must IMMEDIATELY stop drinking.

EXCEPTION:::: If the person hits the can/bottle, but an opponent catches the ball while it's in the air, the person who caught the ball must drink his/her beer as fast as possible, before the person who originally threw the ball can tag them.

Everyone else's job: The job of the teammate's of the thrower is to screen and block the opponent's from getting the ball. Any of the opponents can retrieve the ball, and the ball can even be passed to a teammate to tag the drinker.

1. When blocking for the drinker, you cannot push or have intention to injure. (It's like a screen in basketball)
2. Before the throw, no player may cross the halfway point of the table.
3. Shut up and just play.

Beer pong's for pussies, we play HOODBALL.

Hoodball will be in the 2012 olympics.
by the SD homies March 14, 2010
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