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An illicit facebook group, something like the black market, where all members post stuff from sports to jokes, abusing bitches, beating bitches, talking about molesting bitches, using hardcore drugs, guns, degrading bitches, fighting, birdwatching, and anything else that seems fit. Although to some it may seem rather disturbing. to all the members everything posted in here is "hood". therefor the group has the hoodest of the hood niggaz. FWM!!!!
example 1:

Steve-o- you shoulda seen it last nite dawg that bitch aint act rite so i beat dat hoe face in str8 up.

random person- post it in hood niggaz 2.0 son

example 2:

drouant- holy shit i just took 3 methadome, 4 xanax, 5 roxys, LSD, 2 blunts of purp, shroom tea, 3 somas, and 6 bars. I feel tight as fuck.

random person- post it in hood niggaz 2.0

example 3:
Clyde James- im feeling extra fat bald and ugly today...

random person- you better not tell anyone in hood niggaz 2.0 or that nigga D ryen will kill the fuck outa u son.
by lets get it August 18, 2011
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