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The Honeymoon Season is an act of playerism where a guy joins a new school, university/college, town, city, village, country or work place and starts getting loads of attention by the girls. He then makes use of this attention and is able to hook up with numerous different girls (this ranges from 1st base to 4th). Your Honeymoon Season starts when you enter the school. However it can end from 5 seconds to a couple of months. To ensure it lasts longer, make sure you hook up with a girl and then move swiftly on. Your Honeymoon Season ends when you stop hooking up with girls.
'Mate, those girls are checking you out!!! I guess you are still in your Honeymoon Season.'

'I think my Honeymoon Season ended after 5 seconds...'
by Shaggy1 September 28, 2011
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