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Note: Not limited to the owners of Hondas.
1) An individual who is primarily concerned with the reflective nature of the rims on their car, the diameter of their speakers, or the cold-cathode tubes mounted to the undercarriage of their vehicle, how “pimpin” their vehicle is, etc.. These shallow, materialistic, individuals are easy to spot online, as their “nickname” or “handle” usually incorporates such words and phrases as “Honda”, “4U”, “Wit”, “Rollin”, "pimpin'", "str8", etc. in it.
2) A style of presenting one's self to falsely appear to be more ghetto. Usually used to mask ignorance. Hondalites consistently babble on about their material possions and openly profess a non-interest in reality. It is in fact quit often used by low to upper-middle class white girls and boys to earn the respect of their peers and further a form of ignorant elitism. When denotating a materialistic possesssion, such as a car, the funds for their "pimpin' ride" are usually acquired from mommy and daddy or in questionable ways.
3) A person who uses their "tripped out" vehicle as a mating ritual/tool to launch a failed attempt attract individuals of the opposite sex. These pathetic crack babies are of the erroneous supposition that vehicles are to be treated rather like a peacock's feathers to attract the opposite sex.
4) Any individual obsessed with the movie THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS, or any of it's subsequent sequels.

Related words: Crack Baby
Person 1 "Did you hear Heather just had a baby by that crack baby Mark?"
Person 2 "Isn't she like 16?"
Person 1 "Yeah. She's obivously a pathetic little hondalite who got duped by that little crack baby."

"You ignorant, self-absorbed, str8 n00bfied, hondalite!"
by EditorMG March 01, 2004
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