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Anyone of the Honda car community who loves tin can mufflers, big spoilers, and racing anyone with a car. Honda Bros can be heard coming from a miles away, with their signature call of the tin can noise. Honda Bros like to show dominance by over-reving their motors, often times blowing a gasket in the process. Recent studies have shown that Honda Bros have lower IQ than any other driver on the road, they frequently speed, pass and cut off other respectable drivers so they may be one car spot ahead at the upcoming stop sign/ stop light. Never fear though as Honda Bros frighten easily, at the sound of the Bro Dog diesel exhaust, but return in greater numbers so be careful. If you fear you have enraged Honda Bros in anyway, evading them is simple. Since being a Honda Bro requires you to lower your car to an unusable height, you can easily escape them buy driving in parking lots with speed bumps. Speed bumps are kryptonite for Honda Bros.
"Yo, did you hear that Jimmy Struthers bought a Honda!? Great he's gonna be a Honda Bro now"

"Did you see that guy in his loud, ugly looking Honda car cut that guy off!? Its just Honda Bros being Honda Bros"
by Captain Matteo February 09, 2014
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One that drives around in a honda with a loud muffler and bodykit acting as if its a high performance race car.
That guy revving his honda next to us is such a Honda Bro. Those guys over there checking out eachothers hondas are such honda bros.
by Tacoma kid April 21, 2013
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