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1. A cemented belief that homosexuality is a sin, for whatever reason, but don't exactly hate them for it.
2. Participating in a romantic event for a friend, and verbally performing the homosexual type part, i.e Angela Schrute from "The Office" in Season 7, episode 13 when Michael Scott gets the employees to help with the romantic proposal.
3. Knowing someone who is Homosexual and you can't do crap about it so you just tolerate it.
(Season 7, episode 13 of the office)
Angela; "will you marry me?"
Holly; "no"

Angela is Homotolerant
by Harley_Gloom June 22, 2018
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People who don't like homosexuals, because homophobia is fear if gay people but if you just don't like them, you're intolerant of them.

Its not fear it's hate made to seem innocent.
I am homotolerant cause I think being gay is wrong.
by Gay Jesusβ„’β„’ June 30, 2018
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