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A bromance between two autistic men. (noun)

Like a Bromance, may or may not actually be homosexual in nature (merely implied) but it must always include one socially inept male who has been diagnosed with a condition on the autism spectrum, such as Asperger's Syndrome.

Often confused with homoretardism, homonerdism, Homogeekism which are variations on the same theme but necessarily require at least one of the parties in the relationship to be a "nerd", "retard" or "geek".
When they were not studying for maths exams or obsessing over the finer details of science fiction engineering principles, Aubrey and Theo spent all their social time together.

Their teacher had brought them together in an attempt to help each of them develop their social skills and their relationship bore all the hallmarks of homospodism.
by Thunderballs14 October 01, 2012
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