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n. Typically a heterosexual female. One who is sexually attracted only, or often, to gay men. Also attracted to men who turn out to be homosexual.
Example #1
Allison: Dayum, I'd like a piece of Darren ;)

Harold: You're such a blatant homosexualsexual - Darren is gay!

Example #2
Girl: Every man I have ever loved has turned out to be a closet gay....I think I'm a homosexualsexual.

Boy: That you are anonymous female. That you are.
by Johnathon Matthews April 03, 2011
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When someone has an extreme gay fetish or pretends to be transgender or bisexual to be in a gay relationship to fulfill their fucked up fantasies, brought onto them by books, tv shows or anime. They praise and worship gay couples. They will hate on straight couples and only "ship" gay couple. They will refuse to watch/read/talk about anything if it isn't gay. The girls fail to realize that they will never be in a boyxboy relationship and vise versa. Homosexual-sexuals are hated by the LBGT community for fetishizing them and pretending to be them to get off.
"If it's gay it's an A+!"
"Gay relationships are so hot, too bad I'm a girl"
"What the hell is wrong with them?"
"They're homosexual-sexual"
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by fynny6669 July 07, 2018
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