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is a man sized dick, most likely a gay man who is in the closet and yet gets a shit lowed of erect moments with friends of the same sex. This is a kind of psychosis that allows a homo to be erect for extended periods of time.

Often a rape/bondage male. This homosexual will often join in gay bashing and homo bath houses and eating out of ass holes. (Digging for chocolate.) This kind of person will often force ones self on another of the same sex.

This word is a mixture of homosexual, an erect penis and a Popsicle.... this compliment, is used widely in the new England location were gay marriage is allowed. and homo's run free…
a wimpy dude with an oversized ego with low self esteem that is a closeted gay, and is into bondage and being the bitch. This Homoerectsicle often compensate for short comings and is often nicknamed “pinky” because of it.

often times this kind of person will go for a positoon of power like Gorge W. bush and maybe an RA in a dorm. If it is in college you will often find these "Homoerectsicle" as the wellness dorms RA, were they get to molests the children in the wellness dorm. Often feeling up little boys, and enjoying doing odd stuff with odd people and odd Nurf guns in odd places.
by the Padenator September 27, 2010
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