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The act of having sex doggie style, while the female gives oral sex to another member. This other member could be male or female. To Hommerro Cantu properly the female should be elevated, i.e. up on a table or bed, thus enableing the two other members to be able to stand in perfect unison with the anus/vagina, and the mouth. While on a bed the female should be positioned at the foot or head of the bed, not in the middle. Some say that to end a perfect Hommerro Cantu, the giving members must vomit on the back of the Doggie styled female.
While I was tagging this chick from behind, she mentioned to me that she wanted a Hommerro Cantu with her sister as the third member. The sister took it to a new level when she stuck her fingers down her throat and blew chunks on her own sisters back.
by Randy Bobandy May 11, 2006
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Mexican musican Homero died in a car accident in 1982. He was replaced in a musical group by Senor Cantu. Use of the bands' name after Homero's death resulted in a legal trademark lawsuit.
You can't use that name it's already trademarked- you want to repeat the Hommerro Cantu imbraglio!
by entomologist July 08, 2006
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