Homies are a group of friends (usually guys) that all try to get each other a girlfriend before their friendship breaks. Think of it as traveling. The destination is for all the homies to get a girlfriend, but on the journey they’re going to get homo.
Homie at school#1: hey I’m going to hang with the homies after school, you coming.
Homie at school#2: yeah sure, my parents won’t mind.
by friendlyleader October 16, 2019
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Refers to fallen soldiers or dead friends (particularly those slain in gang violence). This usage originated in Pittsburgh's East End community Homewood.
- I smashed dat broad last night.
- Put that on da homies cuz
- Homies I hit that.
by H-dub hood star August 15, 2006
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When you and your best friend begin to get physical with each other, but neither of you have emotional feeling towards each other. Similar to friends with benefits, but not as complicated.
Guy 1: "Hey, are you and Samantha together, or just friends with benefits?"
Guy 2: "Neither bro, we homies"
Guy 1: "Ahh, I see"
by Kazehana January 22, 2019
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Little urban action figures which are sold in gumball machines in fine restaurants. They come in different series, with the most recent series featuring the addition of bobble-heads.
Do you have fifty cents? I would really like some homies.
by Charlie White April 08, 2003
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close friends that usually wear adidas tracksuits, are of russian and italian descent, and only go to bars that offer dollar bud light nights.
homies 1 hey you want to go get some bud lights tonight.

homies 2 hells yea bud light be right, let me put on my track suit and i will see you there.

homies 1 hell yea bud light.
by 1homies September 28, 2010
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these guys are the best thing to hit britain.
they are cool

they are sexy
some have swag
some are hench and together will destroy the power rangers
dude: i took a homies 10 pound
dude 1: what the fuck what happened to you
dude: they put me under the ground for a week
dude 1: oh my god
by adam johem May 29, 2012
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