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Kind of a house hopper and a homie hopper combined.

A girl that either doesn't have a house or likes to live there and is a slut.

She basically goes for guys with houses or places to stay the night at and sleeps with them to have a place to stay at till they get fed up, then finds another guys house, that hangs out with the same group of people, to stay at.

Most commonly goes out partying and will be the one trying to get with the owner of the house.

Always broke and most commonly carries around some sort of bag of clothes with her.

**Warning: Kind heart-ed guys should stay away from this kind of girl because even if you don't get sick of her, she will always find someone else that will most likely be your boy.
"Man that girl is such a homie house hopper, wasn't she just talking to Kevin staying at his house? Now shes staying with Mark!"
by BeautifulBee October 18, 2011
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