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The inability to stay awake in school after an entire night of doing homework whether it be because of procrastination or because of poor time management. Black coffee is a temporary way to fix this unlike a feel hangover.
"I stayed up all night doing that project and woke up with a homework hangover. I slept through physics."
by Classy Innuendo March 24, 2010
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Having an awesome weekend, only to realize on Monday morning that you had 3 essays, a science project, and 76 math problems due today.

Often people try to cure Homework Hangovers by trying to finish everything during 1st hour.
Guy: That party was a blast!

Guy 2: Yeah, but the Homework Hangover I have today is totally not worth it.

Guy: Oh crap. We had homework?! Good thing I still have first hour to finish everything...
by 1fish2fishRedfishBluefish November 24, 2010
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A long night of cramming on procrastinated studying and homework; such as that 3 page English paper you were supposed to write about the history and development of poetry, your presentation on humanity for AP Psych and studying for your Spanish, Math and Chemistry tests. Which leaves you rolling out of bed the next morning feeling like total shit as if you had participated in a long night of drinking. Resulting in your hangover like feeling you experience the next morning. Symptoms include: extreme fatigue, headache, sore body and limbs, and hallucinations of the piles of homework yet to be done covering your room in all directions.
Joe: Man, I have the worst Homework Hangover ever. I stayed up til 4:00 this morning finishing my final project.

Hailie: Ugh, this Homework Hangover is even worse than the real hangover I had last week!
by hpfanx10 August 19, 2011
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