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Verb://(active, past tense): To have shopped at a "Homecenter" chain store and experienced any combination of: being ignored by employees of the store, or run away from if it seems they sense you need their customer service; to approach an employee of a homecenter whom is wearing an orange or blue apron with the logo of the homechenter and LITERALLY receive a response of "no habla englaish" (again while wearing the homecenter uniform apron, in the homecenter, on the home center sales floor during normal hours of operation) be advised on how to perform a plumbing project or electrical project, only to later discover from a professional that you've been not only misinformed about how the product should be used, but told the OPPOSITE of the correct application of the plumbing or electrical project; To trip over palettes of shrinkwrapped boxes, under a flourescent glare that blinds you temporarily; to purchase an faucet, toilet, tool or sink and later find out you paid above MSRP.
Home Depot, Lowe's, Homecentered
by ProPlumberAndHomeOwner May 30, 2013
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