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Homairah, born a beautiful IranIAN Princess, Beautiful, enjoys being simple, will travel to Europe just to go to Mc Donalds... anoying, loves to ignore the hell out of you, but she love when you don't give up, but always comming up with more creative expressions to make her see that you're here and not going anywhere... lol So you must as well come up with your hands in cuffs... ;)
Guy 1... Dude I think I got a chance with Homairah

Guy 2... Alright bro, she like to play and manipulate men like toys...

Guy 1... I should have listen :(

Guy 2... You have to be African from another Galixy and Speak love in infinite expressions, ;)

Guy1... She aient gonna find him

Guy 2... In Galixies we meet, on a quest to find his princess, i herd they are on a special mission... Ask her she'll tell you
by Universal Prince May 28, 2012
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