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Holleigh is your ace boon coon! A Holleigh will stick by your side no matter what. She is your ride to die nigga. A Holleigh will be the sweetest person you have ever known. A true friend till the end
That girl Holleigh was shaking her booty last night! She is so wild! But she did hold my hair back while i was throwing up! Sweet true friend! She is so funny and nice!
by countrychick February 01, 2010
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a gypsie thing who lives in a red brick house. usually eats small dogs. if you ever run into a ''holleigh'' you should collect it's tears and than run. she may shrink you, and eat your dog.
''i went into the woods, and ran into a was the worst experience of my life.''
by sports 11 May 31, 2007
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A firecrotched ho that likes penis in her mouth. When she is angered she seduces men into sticking their penis' there to bite off.
John: Omg look at that Holleigh.

Elvis: Dude she has no red hair...

John: Oh right my B.
by sjgfoajoifgw July 10, 2008
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