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Two people who consider themselves in a relationship, but in reality lack the level of maturity necessary to understand what a real relationship even is, or the ability to comprehend the level of emotional intimacy required to constitute a tangible romantic relationship. It is usually used to describe preteens caught up in the illusion of a relationship, but some people don’t grow out of this mentality as quickly as they should. The term is meant to convey the image of a lesser and inferior form of holding hands; accurately reflecting a lesser and inferior form of relationship.
1.Did you see those two? They’re already saying they love each other, and they just met on MySpace yesterday. They’re just holding pinkies.
2.A lot of teens around here go out with a different person every week; but that’s just because they’re all holding pinkies.
3.If you’re seventeen years old, you’re too old to be holding pinkies. Either get a real relationship, a friend with benefits, or stay the fuck single!
by White Wolf 89 July 10, 2008
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