The infamous fanfiction 'novel' lifting from the fourth installment of Star Wars by Lori Jareo as she gave self-publishing a lot of unwanted controversy. Let's just say George Lucas was more than a little pissed. It emerged as the Gothic short story The Typewriter was purchased for First North American rights for Tales of the Talisman as the writer was developing his second sequel to the flagship anthology at the time. Nick Matamas a rival author in the Horror Writers Association reported on the Lori Jareo debacle as he was invoking flame bait about the book appearing on major channels in 2006. Let's just say a lot of us who worked with the print on demand vehicle were pissed at her. Holden's Counterpart puts the pseudo-novelist on the spot.
I am sure if you're doing a novel where the characters are not yours you're pulling another like that damn novel Another Hope. That novel made it hard for a lot of us who wrote original material to be taken seriously.
by illinoishorrorman January 17, 2018
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