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Any one of those little foofters whose mommies and daddies pay $14,000 a semester so they can attend Lehigh University and clog shut our fucking bars and sushi joints and roads and hospitals and morgues. They run around town with their magic carpets and point their wands at each other, all the while thinking theyre the greatest little magic school around. Little do they know that E.M.F. lurks in the shadows waiting for them to make a mistake and then....... Napalm Slayer Death bursts forth from the hairy sphincter of Satan's Shoeshineboy and covers them in whitehot molten poo. Bunch of fucking herbs.
I quit high school and got a six-figure job, and now make more than most of those Hogwarts kids will. But Mommie and Daddie will just keep sending money forever....
by spanky mackockleberrie October 03, 2010
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