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A group of people who choose to fornicate in a public bathroom. Usually some kind of drug is involved. This group of people tend to gravitate towards handicapped stalls where there is plenty of room for them to roll around. It tends to always violate the civil Rights of the poor,lonely, urinating guy that uses the restroom for it's intended purpose. These Hogs are very clever in the art of deception. They tend to be found at live concerts in places like the CBC club. They snort Hogwash to thier friends about people they don't like. Giving the poor vicitm no chance at meeting new friends.

Used in a sentence:. Could you throw some Hogwash on these Hogs Hoggin it up in the Hogstall?
Hogs, Hoggin it up in the Hog Stall is defined as two rude, gross individuals who have a questionable amount of

civil class.
by LittleLamb777 June 11, 2018
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