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A guide to understand Hoe behavior, and Hoe tendency. Or the study of a Hoe behavior, and Hoe tendency.
1) If she sleeps with guys after knowing them less then a week she is a hoe
2) If she loves guys after sleeping with them and she only knew them less then 2 weeks she’s a hoe
3) If she goes for only one type of guy she has potential to be a hoe
I. If she generalize what guys she dates
II. Or if she only dates one type of guy
III. Dates dirty guys or guys that a hoes
IV. Believe that certain types of guys are perfect
4) She is a cock tease potential to be a hoe
I. Dress like a hoe but never gives up anything
II. Thinks its cute to tease and play mind games
III. Dress To sexy and flaunts their gifts
5) Being annoying and
I. being confusing and playing games can be a hoe
6) Dressing to much like a hoe
I. Gives it up too much
7) When they become friends with you when she knows you like her
I. She Flaunts your friendship
II. Tells you constantly there can never be nothing more, but in reality if your such a great friend why wouldn’t you be a good b/f????
8) When she calls you repeatedly about another guy constantly
I. If she calls you about same problem about her b/f
II. When the guy keeps treating her wrong and she never learns shes a hoe
9) If she ask to borrow anything of your things for another guy

If you meet a girl and she meets two things off this list she is a hoe… This list will be continued when we have found more hoe tendency’s
And always remember you cant turn a hoe into a house wife, hoes dont act right
by Sxu 220 October 02, 2004
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a major offered at the university of wisconsin. Hoeology taken by many of thr badgers basketball players. As they are recruited to play basketball for bo ryan on the court, the are recuited to be hoelogist off the court.

Many of the players began to list hoelogy as a major on facebook.

Example: Trevon Hughes is currently majoring hoe-ology.
Trevon Hughes is currently listed as majoring in hoeology at the University of Wisconsin. He is a hoe-ologist.
by Brian Butch October 10, 2007
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The study of hoe. Hoes are a very complicated people to understand. They come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes where some try to hide their hoe and others let it shine. Hoeology focuses on how much hoe is in a girl and looks at how factors such as clothing, hand texture, lip texture, etc. A study recently concluded on hoes that you should check out on YouTube next month on May 21st on the channel Dr. Professor Jenkins, cheers
Hoe 1: OMG did you hear about that creep talking about hoeology or some shit?
Hoe 2: Uh yeah like wtf does that even mean he sounds nasty as fuck
Hoe 1: I know right? Oh also I call Chad’s dick Friday night!
Hoe 2: UGH fine I’ll fuck Brad Friday but Chad is mine Saturday night after you’re finished with him!
by Dr. Professor Jenkins May 21, 2018
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