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One who enjoys the idea of the characters Brendan and May (from the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald games) as a couple. They were semi-popular in their games' heyday, but have since faded into the background. Nowadays, they are rather rare, though not extremely so. Just don't expect to see as many of them as you would May/Drew shippers.

They are notable in that they support a pairing with little to no fictional basis outside the games. They acknowledge this (the level-headed ones, anyway), and maintain that their support is due to personal preference alone.

Not to be confused with Franticshipping, which concerns Ruby and Sapphire from the Pokemon Adventures manga, who look identical to May and Brendan, but are otherwise completely distinct entities.
"I can say, with no small amount of pride, that I am a Hoennshipper."
by Longarm Prime May 11, 2008
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