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A relationship pairing in the Pokemon Adventures/Special manga in the Ruby/Sapphire chapter between the Pokemon trainers Ruby and Sapphire. It is one of the extremely few pairings considered to be, or extremely close to canon as they have both confessed their love to each other, but it is unclear whether they are in a relationship.

Ruby had claimed afterwards that he did not remember the confession, but to most it had been quite obvious that he was lying. This was confirmed by the creator of Pokemon Adventures when asked about it, saying, "He's pretending."

Those who dislike this ship is either in denial or needs to take some medication because they hate Ruby and or Sapphire, which would be hard to do.
Rookie Nerd: omg I just read the Pokespe R/S chapter and lyk I think Ruby and Sapphire are in love omg wazzit called???

Experienced Pokemon Trainer: It's called Franticshipping. AND BTW ITS CANOOOOON~
by Rainbow Gemstone February 03, 2012
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