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Very similar to a brodozer except all of the stickers are now pink. If they are really classy it also has parts of the truck painted pink as well. If questioning whether or not truck belongs to bro or hoe look for excessive pink, worse than usual parking jobs, car seats/baby on board signs, extra tasteless chrome add-ons, and stepladder running boards(not enough of an indicator by themselves as short man syndrome also requires step ladder running boards).

Hoedozers can often be found in the parking lots of trendy bars, 24 hour fitness gyms with beginner yoga classes, day cares, and overpriced mall boutiques. Especially common in oil field towns and rodeos.

Use caution while approaching occupants of said vehicles. They have been know to not see you while driving, talk excessively about how much they love their sugar daddy, and bore you with stories about how "my kids are my world" despite spending 4 nights a week at the bar.
That hoedozer is so tall I don't know how she gets the kids in their car seats.
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