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As the Japs created and released Poke'mon for their younger audience, they started working on plans "Hoe'mon" cards for the mature audience. The game would consist of you as the pimp(trainer in pokemon terms)Catching different races of Hoe's(pokemon in mature terms)their attack powers where based off what sexual disease they had. The reason why Hoe'mon was never realsed was because during the last few hours of development the Yakusa gang blew the place up accidently thinking the building was a police station.
Bob: Hey Matt, I challenge you to Hoe'mon cards

Later on....

Matt: Your Ghetto crackhead card preforms doggystyle with me wearing a ripped condom contracting Gental Warts resulting in 145 damage! But it's no match for my next move!

Bob: Damn.. I'm dead your Ethopian Male Stripper Let me fuck you in the ass Contracting AIDS! Resulting in 1000 damage points!
by Bum Killa 101 April 09, 2009
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