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The office witch! The bitch who has to look over her glasses to make you feel guilty because you're talking shit about everyone else in the building. The ho who can't mind her own business and needs to scold you with her looks and her retarted rhetorical questions like "Don't you think that music is too loud?"
Lisa was acting uppedy and so I called her a Hocus Pocus Bitch! Not to her face, of course!
by Rick Fever May 30, 2007
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1) Statement intended to surprise or awaken. Usually when you "invite" yourself into a hot girl's house you know secretly wants you, having read the "signs and signals" of her interest while waiting in line at Tim Hortons.

2) Exclamation used during a sudden and intense ejaculation onto the back, stomach, left eye or ear of some hot broad.

3) Usually shouted as a prelude to physical injury to a spouse or love interest.
Hocus pocus bitch! Now Juggle ma nuts with your face!
by Mastagon February 24, 2010
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