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Slang for huge dick. No, you don't me. I mean a HUGE dick. I mean take this ungodly lump of flesh right? Drop it, and you will cause another earthquake that'll send Haiti back to the stone age. But seriously, if you have a 'Hocknull' you can use it as a pole vault, to turn of your lights, to steal chips in stores and to look at answers from across the room during a test. They should rename the word kilometer to Hocknull, because it's the same length.
Guy: HAHAHA I punched you and you wont catch me cause I'm driving away in my car!


Guy with a 'Hocknull' takes off his pants and uses his huge ass dick to pick up the car and throw it.

Guy with a Hocknull fuck yeah
by Hi Lo piccolosEe June 28, 2016
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A old name meaning a man with a huge dick a Hocknull will keep getting women
You get a lot of girls you must be a Hocknull
by Hi Lo piccolosEe June 26, 2016
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