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The direct translation of "Flash Kick" in Capcom's fighting franchise, Street Fighter Alpha 3. One character, Charlie or "Nash" in Japan, says it when performing a flash kick. As a charge move, it can be performed by holding down then up. Other games to feature this are Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Alpha series.
Matthew- "Hobofo!"
Josh- "What?"
Matthew- "Hobofo!"
Josh- "What are you saying?"
Matthew- "It's Charlie's signature move from Street Fighter Alpha 3!"
Josh- "Hobofo!"
by EVO10SFPRO August 18, 2009
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A wonderful place where intelligent conversation reigns and sketchy goings-on occur. Conversation/Activities include but are not limited to cross-dressing, sammich-making, YouTube videos, Rick-rolling, Robot Unicorn Attack, Rice purity test, taco time, pulling out and pushing, darting, chloroforming, etc.
Where is everybody?
Oh, they're in Hobofo trying on the skank dress.
by hobofobaby October 31, 2010
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