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Noun. From "Homeless showboat", an overly eager, attention seeking street individual with no discernible place of residence. Often known to play instruments/sing, juggle poorly, and engage in intentionally shocking acts for money and/or attention. While very popular in urban areas by visiting midwestern tourists, often vilified by locals and less ambitious members of the homeless community.
"Did you see that bum? He was trying to eat like, 14 bottlecaps? Fucking Hoboat."
by Kris Miller March 07, 2004
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A combination of the words "hobo" and "boat." A hoboat is a (usually) derelict watercraft, appropriated by one or more homeless person(s) for use as a domicile. They are typically not operational, or are barely operational, but still float. Among other locations, they can be found illegally anchored along the Willamette river, in Oregon.
We can't fish there anymore. The hoboats are dumping their sewage in the river, and the fish are sick.
by AnimusQuaestio June 20, 2016
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A scruffy manly man who has sex with a lot of women. Think ho and think hobo. All ladies that go on this ship want the D. The Ho boat goes from port to port collecting various women in an attempt to satisfy is ego and appetite for Vagine.
That ho boat sleeps with a lot of women.
by pimp, player, hustler, whore, October 11, 2013
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