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A hobo shank is the act in which a person (usually a drunk hobo) straightens their hand so that their fingers are tightly knit together and pointing straight out and then hand shanks someone.

The Shanker shanks the female with their hand in between the breast and shoulder blade, directly underneath the arm-pit. This renders the female paralyzed with pain (similar to the inhumane and forbidden sacking of a male) and then succumbs to the Shankee for a night of blissful love making in the alleyway.

In modern culture, the hobo shank relates to a immature feud between couples or friends in which a "hobo shank" threat is issued to a female, such as a blow to the testicles would be administered to the male.
"Chris you whore! Who is this b**** texting you a booty call?!?"

"Woman, i'm trying to drive the vehicle! Now stop messing around or else i'll hobo shank you!"
by Pat6290 May 17, 2009
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Its an action you participate in by using your thumb as a stabbing devise into another living being body.

A hobo is too broke to afford a real knife so they use there god given tool of torment,there own thumb.

life situation,

You:lalala wow today is really looking to be a good day.

Hobo/random person:-BAM- *sticks thumb in your side with pleasure*

You:What the fuck! Im gona get you back!*hobo shanks back*

Spectator:wow they look silly....
by Dylan_nondimalishing December 01, 2007
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The act of using the nail on your thumb that has grown very long as a shank because you don't have a real shanking device.
Peanut: "Hey that asshole over there called us gay."

(Friend walks over there and cusses him out)

Chapulin: "I hear that you were talking shit. Why don't you say that to my face, you pussy ass motherfucker!"

Big L: "What are you talking about? I barely even know you two!"

Chapulin: "Nigga, don't lie to me with your punk-ass self, man, don't make me hobo shank your pussy ass!"
by <XxMetalMonsterxX> December 03, 2009
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