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The Hob Gobbler is the name a of a legendary trickster figure that lives along Pine Mountain in the Appalachian Mountains. It is a devil that takes the form of a turkey, which sometimes grants wishes but sometimes pays tricks on those who seek it out.
Well he may show up to help if he said he would, but that boy aint no more reliable nor trustworthy than the old Hob Gobbler himself.
by JLApp July 13, 2013
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A glutton. One who wolfs down food in a virtuosic or beastly manner.
Takeru Kobayashi is such a hobgobbler. How the hell can a 172- pound Japanese man down 49 hot dogs?

Get your face outta the pudding, you hobgobbler!
by someone took my name =| April 25, 2006
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A glutton.

One who gormadizes, acts like a piggy, or has a tendency to wolf down food in a virtuosic or uncontrollable manner.
That hobgobbler sure knows how to clean his plate. Jeez, look at him stuff his face in that butterscotch pudding. He should go into competitive eating when he gets older.
by Insufficient Postage February 09, 2006
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In this part of West Virginia, a hob gobbler is what people call a single male turkey that is either staring at you or acting in another eerie way. It is believed to bring bad luck in the same way as a black cat, although people don't take the bad luck aspect very seriously.

Sometimes hob gobbler is also used teasingly to describe someone who is acting like a misanthrope or loner.
"Oh lord, is that a hob gobbler over there at the edge of the bushes?" "Nah, see those two hens in the trees? He's probably just showing off for the ladies."
by SamanthaNeace April 26, 2016
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Hob-gobbler. Noun.

A variant of the welsh 'Gobbler'. Where by the Gobbler paints himself green and proceeds to gobble inordinate amounts of glory cock. A sickening sight.

Mostly performed at night and against the wishes of Christ.
Naim: Duuude, why's the Gobbler painted green?

Aled: Don't you know? Every wednesday he becomes the Hob-gobbler

Naim: Duuude! That boy is an unholy motherfucker.
by adebayormiddletondrive May 07, 2009
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