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V. To Hmpff at someone or a situation, or to be Hmpff'ed by someone else.

Used for very awkward situations, or when you are in disbelieve.
Used in situations where you do not know how to respond to a comment made to you, or just something you overheard.

Usually spelled and used several different ways, however, this is the original, correct spelling and usage of the word.
Example 1
Saba: "Yo Josh you're like really good looking, I really wish i were you"
Josh: Hmpff...Thanks?

Example 2
Kevin Dineen: "Hey Josh you know you never handed in your English essay from last month right?"
Josh: "What do you mean, i emailed it to you a while ago"
Kevin Dineen: "Hmpff...Are you sure your not lying?"
by Shureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeffff March 25, 2010
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