Hiyan might seem normal at first but when once you get to meet her (or stalk her) she turns out to be a F***ING SEX GODDESS. Her sexy twerk-squat blows the minds of everyone near her. Her hair flips makes every jaw in the entire room drop. Guys cling to her like little puppies. When she wants to "get some", she gets a lot even though she can't help it. When she passed by Bruno Mars at the grocery store, she inspired him to write "Just the way you are". She invented the word "sexy". The basis for ALL things sexy.
Gurl, That outfit is SOOO HIYAN!!
Guys will be crawling over each other for you!!

Kim Kardashian: "If there is anyone I look up to, it's HIYAN... She makes me look small!!"

Nicki Minaj: "My anaconda don't... Unless it's HIYAN..."
by Danieljc316 July 11, 2017
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Hiyan, a 5'5 1/2 girl that every guy wants. She is loyal, caring, and thoughtful. Thicc and sweet. If you find a Hiyan, make sure to get her at any cost...
Hiyans are very rare to find... One day I will find a Hiyan...
by Biblku October 31, 2018
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The land of all the crazy homosaphiyas.
I am going to live in Hiyan one day.
by Gupu January 17, 2018
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