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Hivin' is when you are hanging or chilling with the crew.
We were hivin', drinking wine coolers at the top of the mountain.
by adnguyen July 30, 2018
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Multipurpose verbage used to describe an intense emotional state of need, excitement or immersion. Similar to Jonzin, and Buggin. Popularized by the spaced out boy band, The Hive Boyz, and their underground hit song 'Hivin on MT', describing addiction to the horribly degrading codeine-based drug MT.
from 'Hivin on MT': "I been hivin on MT / doggin your friends / hangin down at the strip mall"
but also "Hey man what you up to?" "Oh, just hivin' out on some PHP toots"
and even "Quit hivin' me!"
by Urby Ambcock January 18, 2007
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