1) A common expression used in football (soccer) by commentators to say that the ball has hit the frame of the goal, so the player has come close, but not scored.

2) When you 'pull' someone (1st base or higher) but you don't have sex with them.
Guy 1: Dude, I saw you making out with that hot chick at the bar, what happened to you last night?

Guy 2: I kept hitting the woodwork mate. I was so close to scoring, but she wasn't up for it.
by Bagginski February 18, 2010
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Woodwork is originally a word used to refer to the goal frame (aka cross and bar). To hit the woodwork is to hit the post or almost score this the phrase is famously used by Mulungushi University Med-students to refer to a girls rejection to a man's proposal.
Mans 1: "I shot my shot and hit the woodwork bro, peng-ting performed.😔"
Mans 2: "I thought you two was vibing on som'n real?"
Mans 1: "I thought the same bro but..."
Mans 2: "shit happens.."
by çyánide00 February 19, 2022
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