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A way of describing someone who looks kinda like Hitler, but not like a splitting image. Like a fish.
It is a real word.
It comes from Spain.
First known usage on the internet by the amazing Andy Biersack/Andy Sixx.
Andy: He had a very Hitlarian face
Chance: Hitlarian? Did you make up that word?
Andy: No, No it's a word. Just look it up. Listen I might be a little more intelligent than you
Chance: I think Hitlarian is a made up word
Andy: No Hitlarian is a real word, it comes from Spain.
by Keehl February 08, 2012
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A word MSNBC made up to describe anything done by American President Donald Trump.
When he said today, 'America first,' It was not just the racial... I mean, the Hitlarian background to it, but it was the message I kept thinking: "what does Theresa May think of this this morning, when she picks up the paper and says: 'oh my God, what did he just say?'"
by MQuchi January 22, 2017
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