A maneuver typically performed in upper class neighborhoods or cities where a person or group targets another person or group (typically white middle to upperclass class teenagers) by offering to sell them a drug (typically weed) at a generous price, but only if bought in a large volume at a later time. Typically a sample is displayed to the targeted party that is of the highest quality of the whatever drug was promised. When the transaction is executed the offending party uses a heavy amount of cellophane or other wrapping in order to make the product hard to see and open. They ensure to only put a very tiny amount of product in the wrapping and typically fill the rest with a similar looking substance (oregano, flour, etc). They will then demonstrate to the targeted party the legitimacy of their product by cutting into the wrapping in an area they know the small amount of high quality product is. The exchange is made for money and the targeted party does not find out they were shorted almost entirely until after the offending party has driven away with all of their money.
We need to make some money . You see this group of white boys in front of us? Let's hit em with da flex.
by Rickey420 February 25, 2017
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